The Facilities and Construction Ministries exist to provide facilities that advance the visions of ministries of NewSpring Church by providing excellent, maintained, clean and safe environments.

What We've Learned

NewSpring works closely with a team of commercial real estate brokers that are well connected across South Carolina. When looking for property, we begin by using them to help us search for existing structures of 45,000 square feet or more. If we find an existing structure, we then determine if it has the potential to be converted to our needs and supply enough parking to the facility. We have found great value in recycling second generation retail spaces. The site work and structural elements of a building are large upfront costs that are eliminated in a renovation project. There is also a time benefit to these projects since work begins inside and is not competing against weather and seasonal changes. If no existing structures are available, we open the search to approximately 15-acre tracts of land or more to build a new facility from the ground up.

For permanent campuses we aim to build auditoriums that seat 1,000 or 1,400 people. We have landed on these numbers being ideal for NewSpring's programming through years of trial and error. We find the guests' experience suffers when there is more than 1,400 adults per service. This is due to the congestion that happens in the KidSpring areas, atrium environments and especially in the parking lot. This 1,400 seat model translates into a facility that totals 65,000 square feet in size when incorporating KidSpring, Next Steps, and Guest Service spaces and auxiliary functions such as restrooms, storage, offices, and common areas. We aim for north of 850 parking spaces to support that auditorium size and facilitate service turnover during optimal service times.

When property is available, we always prefer to purchase it so we can make the most out of our upfront capital investment. We do have a couple of leased properties that will look identical to the locations we own.

The reason we lease facilities is two-fold. First, sometimes landlords are not interested in selling their properties, and certain markets may have a very limited supply of large structures. Secondly, by leasing a facility we greatly reduce our upfront investment cost. By securing a long-term lease a campus will be able to repay the initial investment, and by the end of the term be financially ready to purchase and develop a new and permanent facility.

Yes, we have a fully-staffed Central team with specialists in areas such as HVAC, plumbing and electrical, and a couple roles that involve general maintenance technicians. We believe that facilities are a large part of first impressions, therefore we are staffed in a way that allows us to respond to repairs in a timely way to protect that impression.

Additionally, there are some great cost benefits to having an in-house maintenance staff. Once our campuses are in a permanent facility, our Central Facility Team handles the maintenance of the building. 

We have a full-time Central staff member that helps manage our landscaping across our permanent campuses. This person plays a hands-on role in the care and maintenance of our Anderson and Central facilities, and supports our Central Facilities Director with decisions regarding landscaping projects across the state. NewSpring contracts with vendors, local to each campus, for weekly routine maintenance such as mowing grass and maintaining flower beds for weed control.

NewSpring places great emphasis on the cleanliness of our facilities. Cleanliness is not just a KidSpring value, but one for the facilities team as well. Cleanliness communicates to our guests that we were expecting them, and we care about their experience. We do not provide our own cleaning services, due to the size of our facilities and the level of cleanliness we need to uphold. NewSpring contracts with a full service janitorial cleaning company with the capacity to support our needs across the state.

Yes, especially in our KidSpring environments, where cleanliness is highly important. We do a large scale carpet cleaning in the KidSpring environments on roughly a sixth-month rotation. We clean other large carpeted areas such as auditoriums and the Care Rooms on a frequent basis.

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