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Next Steps exists to build a caring church by connecting people to God and others.

What We've Learned

Along the way we realized that if we could encourage a person keep taking a next step in their walk with Jesus, over time, they would grow. So instead of saying, “Discipleship Team,” we say, “Next Steps Team.” And in our services, we say things like, “Are you ready to take your next step? If so, go by the Next Steps Area and we can help you.” We think using the language of “next steps” helps people keep moving in their relationship with Jesus.

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We are convinced that every believer should be part of a local church. It’s impossible to love Jesus and not grow in our love of His church. We don’t have a traditional membership process that includes teaching or a covenant. We encourage people to first connect to the church through groups. We place an emphasis on belonging before responsibility. The responsibility of serving comes with additional requirements and training. Volunteers own the ministry of NewSpring, so we call our volunteers “Owners.”

We ask anyone and everyone interested to attend Connect. Connect is an hour and a half event once a month where people connect with others and get plugged into groups. At Connect, we share the importance of connection and match each guest with a host who guides them through the process of connecting into a group.

During our presentation, we talk about the ways a person can connect to others at NewSpring. We offer common interest groups, Bible study groups, Fuse (High School) and serving groups. While there are no requirements to joining a common interest group, a Bible study, or a Fuse Group, we make it clear that there are requirements and training for those joining a serving group. To serve at NewSpring, a person must be a Christian and be baptized. In addition, they are background checked and receive training specific to their chosen area of ministry.

For many years, we offered a membership class that moved people into the ministry of NewSpring. To be a member, a person had to be a Christian, be baptized, not be engaged in habitual sin, agree to serve and tithe, be in a group, and commit to growing in their faith and sharing their faith with others. It was a lot to ask. Ultimately, our membership class didn’t produce the results we’d hoped for because not everyone is ready for this level of commitment. Some people didn’t meet the requirements we established, and we had no other alternatives for them. Realizing that a membership class was not producing the level of connection and growth we’d hoped for, we started Connect. Now a person can hear about serving, but if they’re not ready for that step, we have options for them.

Volunteers are the heartbeat of NewSpring Church. We call volunteers “Owners” because they truly own the responsibility of making the church happen. At NewSpring Church, when you plug into a serving group, you become an Owner. Owners are invested. They do what it takes to grow and improve our church. We believe every Jesus-follower should participate in the local church by making Sundays happen and by being the church every day.

Baptism is the first step of obedience after becoming a Christian. Baptism is an outward symbol of an inward change, a time to publicly declare our faith in Jesus. When a person is baptized, they identify with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. At NewSpring, we believe baptism should happen by immersion after salvation. Jesus was baptized by immersion so every baptism we do at NewSpring will be done in the same manner. Answers to common questions about baptism can be found here.

Our Next Steps Team trains and equips volunteers to serve as baptism hosts. After people indicate that they want to be baptized and select a date, they have a conversation with a host. Their host discerns if their next step should be baptism. If not, the host directs them to another next step like salvation or joining a group. If baptism is the person’s next step, a host will make sure the guest understands everything that will happen during baptism.

Any Christian who has been baptized can baptize. Most often, NewSpring baptisms are performed by campus pastors, Fuse pastors, and Next Steps staff. Occasionally, Next Steps Team members baptize someone because they are part of the guest’s story.

We order our baptistries from We order them with a black liner. 

Anyone who asks Jesus into their life during a service is invited to speak with a Care Team member in the Care Room after service. There, we talk about the next step of baptism and put a Bible and reading plan in their hands. After that, we do our best to get newer believers into community. We believe that life change happens best in community. We invite newer believers to come to Connect to plug into a group.

We know life is better together. We want to see every person in our church in community and taking next steps. It's so important to let people know what the Lord has for them through involvement in community that they cannot experience alone. We use common interests as a starting point for group connection. We have groups that begin around all kinds of hobbies, interests, studies, and serving opportunities. When people are connected into community they will serve together, grow together, care for each other, and have fun.

We’ve found the best way to grow a group is through personal invitation. While word-of-mouth is primary, we also get the word out through our Next Steps Area, Care Room, web site, social media, and Sunday stage announcements and promos. In addition, from time to time we have a message or sermon series focused on community.

This has changed over time. Depending on the message, the speaker may ask people to raise their hand, stand, come forward, or exit out the back of the room. In each instance, people have the chance to speak to a volunteer in our Care Room about their decision. We count those who meet with a Care Room volunteer for a conversation. 

In the Care Room, volunteers collect important information such as the guest’s name, preferred method of contact, and the nature of their visit. The Care Room volunteer leading the conversation sends the guest a handwritten card. Our staff and Care Team work to contact everyone who visits the Care Room within 24 to 48 hours. We want to check in and let people know we are here for them if they have any other questions or need clarity about a next step.

More often than not, services at NewSpring conclude with a salvation invitation. There are also times that we invite people to respond to an invitation to take a next step like baptism, joining a group, serving, or repentance of sin. Rarely is there a Sunday where an invitation of some kind is not offered.

People are cared for best when they are in community. People receive care best from people they know and trust. Of course, we want to also help people who don’t have community or who are responding to a message. Our Care Team is available on Sundays to meet with people about all kinds of issues and help them take a next step. Care Team members are not professional counselors, nor do we have professional counselors on staff. Our Care Team is trained to provide biblical guidance and prayer to those who request it.

In addition to the numerous sermons, articles, devotionals, and studies found at, NewSpring partners with RightNow Media to provide more than 14,000 video resources for personal and group study. Guests visiting the Care Room also have access to printed resources such as Bible reading plans and articles specific to their circumstances. From time to time, we also use the following books to supplement what we offer in the Care Room:

  • A Time to Heal by Beth Marshall: A grief journal to help heal after losing a loved one.                                                         
  • Every Man’s Battle by Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker: For men struggling with porn addiction and sexual sin.
  • Every Woman’s Battle by Shannon Etheridge: For women struggling with sexual and emotional fulfillment.
  • Grieving the Child I Never Knew by Kathe Wunnenberg: For those grieving a miscarriage, stillbirth, or death of a newborn.
  • On the Threshold of Hope by Diane Langberg: For survivors of sexual abuse.
  • Rid of My Disgrace by Justin S. Holcomb and Lindsey A. Holcomb: Offers hope and healing for victims of sexual assault.
  • Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas: For couples who are struggling or want to strengthen their marriage.
  • The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel: For those struggling with the truthfulness of Christianity.
  • Total Forgiveness by R.T. Kendall: For those needing to forgive someone.
  • I Was Broke, Now I’m Not by Joe Sangl: For those struggling with financial issues.

The bulk of the load is carried by our amazing volunteers. These volunteers have been trained to give biblical direction and offer prayer. Our goal is to help people identify their best next step. We do not have any professional counselors on staff.

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