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Social media is a way for NewSpring Church to connect people to Jesus and each other. We aim to advance the Gospel online and invite people to NewSpring by providing engaging content and excellent customer service. 

We do have a social media policy for our staff, and it is summarized below: 

Use Good Judgment: Assume what you write or post will be read by your manager, co-workers, church volunteers, owners, attendees, other church leaders, your family, and/or the attorney of the person who
 doesn’t like you. 

Be Respectful: Be thoughtful and accurate in your writings/posts, and be respectful of how others may be affected. 

Engage in Private Feedback on Blogs and/or other Social Media: People want to know what you think. If you have an opinion, correction or criticism regarding a posting, reach out directly. Whether privately or through direct messaging or email, let them know your thoughts. 

Legal Implications: When you choose to go public with your comments on social media or opinions via a social media network, you are legally responsible for your commentary. Be accurate in what you write and ensure that you have all the facts about your subject. Outside parties can pursue legal action against you for postings.

Use Common Sense: Be careful that what you write will not impair your ability to work with your staff, lead volunteers, speak with credibility to other churches, or represent NewSpring Church in the community.

NewSpring’s Creative, Communications, and Web Teams work together to help tell the NewSpring story in print and online. These artists, writers, web developers, and strategic communicators all play a part in designing and producing the annual report, our commercials and promotional videos, print pieces, and video messages. Our pastor works hard to plan Sunday messages at least six to eight weeks in advance, giving these teams time to be creative and try new things.

We hold weekly creativity meetings with the speakers who will preaching in the weeks to come. The majority of the content our filmmakers and producers create for Sunday gatherings stems from this meeting.

The weekly creativity meeting is where brainstorms and conceptualization takes place. Occasionally, we’ll schedule a pitch meeting to take ideas back into creativity if the project warrants it. During a pitch, we will present scripts, mood boards, style frames, and scripts to give everyone a clear understanding of the direction. Once the concepts have been approved, either in creativity or by our directors, we move forward with production.

We always want our church to know about the next series a few weeks before it starts. We also know that people don’t always attend church every Sunday, so it’s not unusual to start promoting a new series two to four weeks before it starts.

We promote series and events in a variety of ways. We share commercials in our gatherings for all sorts of events from new series to promoting a holiday to Fuse events and KidSpring series. During the welcome time, campus pastors also have two minutes to share campus specific events. We also leverage social media to let people know about what’s happening at our church.

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