We Believe RockRMS Is The Best Software To Power Your Church—And It’s Free

Post by Frank Grand, Web Operations Director.


All effective ministry is built on a rock.

At NewSpring, that includes not only the word of Christ, but also the power of our church management system (ChMS), RockRMS. Okay cheesy Christian joke, but the rest we couldn’t be anymore serious about.

We fully believe Rock is the best ChMS on the market and here’s just a few reasons why we think your church should consider using it.

We switched to Rock in March of 2016, and our staff raves about how it’s intuitive and easy to use. In an age that is growing more digital by the second, we love how Rock makes it simple to find and enter information about our people so we can better minister to them and not have people fall through the cracks.

Rock has helped automate many processes — like volunteer plug-in; baptism and class signups; and care and first-timer followups — reducing time and paperwork. Now staff are freed up to devote themselves to more face-to-face ministry every week.

Here’s why you should try Rock:

Rock is FREE for all churches and nonprofits. Whether your organization is as small as 50 or as large as 500,000 people, free fits any budget! Rock is free because it was built and is run by the non-profit Spark Development Network. Just download the free software here and make sure to check out the Planning Manual before you click download.

Rock is fully featured. The system is robust enough to handle all the needs of a modern, dynamic church. Rock allows you to:

  • track individuals and families
  • set up detailed reports and metrics
  • check in (child, volunteer, and event)
  • manage volunteer groups and small groups
  • collect and track contributions
  • power your external web site, including event calendars and event registrations

Rock is customizable: Rock’s most powerful feature is the built in workflow engine that allows you to easily customize and automate processes to help your staff do ministry more effectively and efficiently. Rock’s code is open source and can be used and modified by all churches.

Rock is supported by a worldwide community. Rock is owned and inspired by the active community using the product. You’re not signing up for a traditional contract-based model when you use Rock (although there are companies that offer that kind of support).

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