How To Promote Easter In A Big Way On A Little Budget

If you work at a church, you know Easter and Christmas are the two times of the year when people are most likely to attend. 

Located in the heart of the Bible belt, NewSpring sees a lot of “CEOs” — attenders at Christmas and Easter Only. For most people, it’s a family tradition to go to church. For many others, going to church is what they feel they’re supposed to do. 

At NewSpring, we’ve learned that if we want to share the Gospel with as many people as possible, getting people to church at Easter is one of the BEST ways to do that!

So how do we take this natural momentum and make the most of it? 

Effective marketing begins with knowing who you are inviting and what you want to tell them. Success doesn’t mean spending lots of money. 

To get the biggest bang for your buck, here are four questions you should answer before telling people about Easter at your church:

  1. Why should people come to your church for Easter?  

    If you don’t have a great answer, start there. Great products are easy to promote. If you aren’t offering a great product, it makes promotion difficult and maybe even wrong. In this case, a great “product” means giving people a great experience at church and sharing the Gospel in a clear and attractive way.
  2. What is the main point you want people to know about Easter at your church? 

    This differs from what you want them to hear at your Easter service. Don’t preach the message to people before they arrive. You may want different groups of people to hear different messages. For example, you could tell parents what their kids can expect. Sometimes, we focus too much on making a big announcement about service times and not enough about why someone should come to one of those services. 
  3. Who do you want to invite? 

    Make a list of your target audiences so you can create content that best suits that group of people. This can be broad or very specific. We suggest targeting audiences who are somewhere in between. If you target someone that you think is a parent of an infant with an article titled, “5 reasons your newborn will love Easter at church,” and they are not parents of an infant, it seems very impersonal. However, targeting a piece of content to parents of small children telling them what their children can expect at church this Easter is both targeted and broad — and a great hook for parents who don’t come regularly.

    The extent to which you can do this will depend on the information you have in your database. A few examples include: people who come regularly; people who haven’t been since last Easter; parents who bring their kids occasionally; people who have no record of attendance; people who haven’t been back since Christmas, etc. 
  4. When are your Easter services? 

    This one seems basic but is very important! Make sure you offer optimal service times, and make sure you include the date(s) and locations(s) of your services.

    Once you’ve answered those questions, you’re ready to put together a plan to invite your people to an Easter service. Here are a few platforms you can use for free or cheap:​

    - Bathroom Flyers. For a few weeks leading up to Easter, put a flyer inside the stalls or above the urinals.
    - In-service announcements. If you have a video team, play a commercial for a couple of weeks leading up to Easter. Make an announcement about what people can expect at Easter and where they can find more information, such as a web page.
    - Post on your website. Write an article or news post and link to this on your homepage for a few weeks leading up to Easter. Include what to expect, when services are, and something about your expectations around dress. 
    - Email. If you have a database of email addresses, this is a time to use them! You could break them down into targeted audiences and send an email that is most applicable to each. 
    - A fun way for kids to invite their friends. Our KidSpring Team tried a great idea last year. They had kids “egg” their friends and neighbors by putting together a little bag of Easter egg treats, including an invite to Easter at NewSpring. 
    - Local event postings. Check and see if a city or organization in your community maintains a listing of Easter events that you could add your church’s event to, especially if it’s fun. Kids love an Easter egg hunt!
    - Social Media. The potential of what you can do on social media is never-ending. From creating ads, to boosting posts, to creating a conversation, the options are endless. Whatever you do, be sure to share clear, shareable, and valuable content. Don’t make a series of announcements. Instead, focus on sharing the “why” and “what” of Easter to the right groups of people before you share the “when”. 

Remember, most people are going to come to church because someone invited them. If the people coming to your church are as excited about Easter as the staff is, they will bring people with them. 

Lastly, never feel bad about promoting your church. Sometimes marketing gets a bad rap, but we have the greatest “product” in the world. It is our duty to use all means possible to tell as many people about Jesus as we can. The opportunity to invite people to church and spread the Gospel has never been greater. Steward it well!

If you are interested in talking with someone more about marketing, shoot us an email at 

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