Gauntlet 2014 - Session 4

July 30, 2014

identity planning purpose gauntlet

At some point we've all asked the question: "What am I going to do with my life?" It's a hard question to face, but once we know ...

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Gauntlet 2014 - Session 3

July 29, 2014

planning gauntlet

It's not bad to make plans, but when we don't leave room for God to lead us we're going to run into problems. Have we fully s...

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Gauntlet 2014 - Session 2

July 29, 2014

doubt gauntlet

There are a lot of theories about who Jesus is—a revolutionary, a prophet, a good guy. If He’s not who He claimed to be, then...

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Gauntlet 2013 - Session 6

Aug 1, 2013

students love joy gauntlet

In life, what is it that pushes you forward? What is it that pulls you to the finish? In Jesus, we get the great opportunity to run the r...

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Gauntlet 2013 - Session 4

July 31, 2013

discipline victory gauntlet

Jesus always wants the best for you. He wants you to walk in victory, and walking in victory starts with training, not trying.

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Gauntlet 2013 - Session 2

July 30, 2013

promises gauntlet

Brad Cooper takes us through Paul's letters to Timothy and lays down an encouraging word about being a world changing leader no matte...

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Standing Up To The Emptiness

freedom depression grace gauntlet

Matt Lauster's struggle with depression led him to Jesus, and an encounter with His grace at the Gauntlet led him to true freedom. Th...

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My Eternal Summer - Morgan Doppelheuer’s Story

students friendship gauntlet selfishness

Morgan Doppelheuer lived for the approval of her friends until a week at the Gauntlet changed the trajectory of her life forever. Watch t...

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Gauntlet 2012 - Session 7

July 26, 2012

eternity church gauntlet

It's time to load up our tanks and lace up our boots. There is a real war going on for people's eternities, and it's up to us...

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Gauntlet 2012 - Session 6

July 26, 2012

church responsibility fear gauntlet

Brad finishes up our talk on the Church and what it means to you with this message on being fearless.

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Gauntlet 2012 - Session 5

July 25, 2012

students gauntlet

Find out what a lunch tray has to do with your life in this talk from Perry at Gauntlet 2012.

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Gauntlet 2012 - Session 4

July 25, 2012

community church responsibility gauntlet

We all see the buildings and the signs, but what exactly is the Church? During this session Brad talks on why the Church matters to you.

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