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The Information Technology Ministry at NewSpring exists to implement, maintain and support technology needed to help reach 100,000.

What We've Learned

We encourage our staff to request support from IT one of two ways:

Via email:

- When staff send us a support request, it is collected in a system called DeskPro, which allows us to give the request to the appropriate team member and track the statuses of all tickets we have.
- This system is used among several of our ministry areas to manage support requests, including facilities, tech arts, finance and campus safety.

Via phone:

- We have a phone number that we give to our staff, which when called, rings a desk phone in our office and also rings a cell phone that is passed around among our team as an on call phone (for after hours issues).
- Any request that is received via phone, usually results in creating a ticket for the user who called in.
- When answered after hours, only issues deemed an emergency (usually, there is an issue that will impact Sunday gatherings or a user's cell phone is broken, isn’t usable and needs to be replaced) will typically be addressed outside of business hours.

We use several systems for communication, managing our equipment and managing data:

Rock is our church management system and is used for many reasons:

- Children & volunteer check-in tags
- People Data
- Attendee Giving records
- Everything else a ChMS would typically do.

G Suite
We utilize the Google Suite for:

- Email
- Calendars
- Word processing and document collaboration
- Mobile Device management
- Device management (Chromebooks, check-in stations)

We utilize Jamf-Pro for device management of our Mac laptops and Mac desktops.

Windows Server
We are a full Windows shop on the server side. We utilize Active Directory for user, groups & permissions management and Hyper-V as our virtualization platform

Ruckus Wireless
We currently use Ruckus as our wireless system.


- All of our permanent locations and most of our portable locations have an internet connection that is provided by NewSpring.
- Our network is setup with MPLS connectivity between all of our locations, all connecting back to our central offices. All internet traffic comes back to our central offices, where we have a redundant, 1Gbit internet connection that is shared by all of our locations.
- At the portable locations we aren’t able to provide MPLS internet connections at, we provide them with either a cable modem (if the facility will allow) or with mobile data cards.

The internet connections that we provide are utilized for:

- Streaming the message to the campus.
- Children and volunteer check-in
​- When available, guest wireless access

We utilize the following equipment for our check-in environments:

Asus C201 laptop
Zebra gx420d w/ cutter (Permanent locations)
- Zebra zd500 w/ wireless & cutter (Currently testing for permanent locations)
Zebra QLn420

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